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A really good book

David Grossman is one of the great Israeli writers. People we should know about him.   David Grossman, born in 1954, who lives in Jerusalem, Israel, is the author of ten acclaimed novels and four non-fiction books. His works have been translated into forty languages, he is the winner of numerous prizes, his writings appeared […]

Facts about kosher wine

                                                             The Kosher Grapevine   Wine is an essential part of Judaism. It is mentioned 136 times in the Hebrew Bible, sometimes to emphasize its possible harmful effects on people, as with Noah, Laban, and King Ahasuerus; sometimes as part of the sacrifice that was offered to God, as in the book of Leviticus and […]

How the rabbis and others changed Judaism – part one

                                                              Changing the Immutable   Since time began, since the more intelligent men and women realized they had ideas they could not share with others, yet they had to speak, they learnt to lie. Highly respected philosophers did so. The pagan Greek Plato called what they said “noble lies.” The Jewish Maimonides named them “essential truths.” […]

Author Profile – William Gladstone

                                                                                                      This is a La Jolla Writer’s Conference guest post.                                                                          If readers like this monthly posting I will continue it.   LJWC Author Profile: Q & A with Renowned Literary Agent, Author, and Club of Budapest trustee, William Gladstone   Sometimes accomplished people can be so understated that we often don’t know […]

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