A famous mystic’s view of ecclesiastes

While scholars such as Rashbam, Abraham ibn Ezra, Maimonides, and others read what the Bible actually states, Nachmanides (1194-1270) read mysticism into the biblical words. According to Rabbi Dr. Charles B. Chavel, he was the first Bible commentator to do so.[1] He also explained the biblical text by claiming that certain events, behaviors, and conversations […]

My interpretation of a famous baffling story

 Isaac Asimov (1920-1992), winner of many awards for his writings, who wrote or edited more than 500 books, is considered one of the top three science fiction writers. Although his parents were Orthodox Jews, he called himself a non-observant Jew. One of his many books is “Asimov’s Guide to the Bible,” reflecting his interest in […]

A review of my latest three books

I received a review of my latest three books that are on their way to the US.   http://jewlicious.com/2018/04/the-kings-of-israel-series-by-israel-drazin/   If anyone wants a PDF of the books for free on the condition that he or she writes a review of each and places them on Amazon, send me your email address and I will […]

Some thought-provoking ideas about Kohelet

Robert Alter is a supreme translator of the Bible in readable English and an excellent commentator of the texts. In “Wisdom Books,” his writes an introduction to, translates, and comments on Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. He tells readers that “there is little in the three biblical books that is specifically Israelite.” He notes that the […]

Another fantastic Agnon parable

“And the Crooked Shall Be Made Straight” is a brilliant book by the Noble Prize Winner for Literature, S. Y. Agnon. It is typical of his ironic style. Despite its title, the crooked is not made straight in this novel – just the opposite. The book was published in Hebrew in 1912. It was Agnon’s […]

A famous rabbi criticizes Judaism

Conservatism in politics and religion has captured the thinking in many countries today. This, like most things in life, can be good, but it can go to an extreme. Unfortunately, it affected Judaism terribly and prompted Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo to write “Jewish Law as Rebellion.” He, in essence, suggests that rabbis need to […]

Maimonides said what Nietzsche said

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) offers three main ideas in “The Gay Science,” written in 1882 with additions in 1887, a book called “one of his most beautiful, most idea rich books,”[1] whose title is also translated as “The Joyful Wisdom.” First, God is dead or, as I understand it, the reliance on God should cease. He […]

Senator Lieberman teaches the value of Torah law

Senator Joe Lieberman and Rabbi Ari D. Kahn offer readers fifty essays in “With Liberty and Justice.”[1] The number is built on the brilliant rabbinical idea to connect the holidays of Passover and Shavuot by instituting the practice of counting 49 days between the two holidays (changing the biblical requirement to count seven full weeks), […]

A fantastic Agnon parable

Agnon’s short story called Ad Olam in Hebrew, was entitled “Forever” in the 2014 volume[1] and retranslated and included in the 2016 Toby Press volume “Forevermore & Other Stories,” under the title “Forevermore.” The tale seems to be straightforward but it is unclear what Agnon, who generally writes in an ironic manner, wanted to convey. […]

 Is this funny?

I do not think that my teacher meant this remark to be funny, but I think he was saying a lot with his remark. I am reminded of it often when I see people who do not study the Torah and know little about it, kiss the Torah when it is brought from the ark […]

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