A very good review of my book

By Jeffrey Radon   I am the author of the internet site Orthoprax Judaism (www.orthopraxjudaism.com), and the author of a book on the Hebrew Bible Reconciling a Contradictory Abraham (https://www.amazon.com/Reconciling-Contradictory-Abraham-Orthoprax-Anti-Theological/dp/1946124176), and I regard myself as a disciple of Rabbi Israel Drazin. I have never had the privilege of studying in person with Rabbi Drazin, but […]

Jews, according to J. L. Kugel, shifted in their understanding of God

As is well-known, there are many ways that are used to interpret the Bible. There is even a tradition that there are seventy ways to do so. Seventy was in biblical days a symbolic figure indicating a large number. Thus, for example, Exodus 1 states that seventy descendants of Jacob came to Egypt even though […]

Did Ruth Convert to Judaism?

Many rabbis insisted that Ruth, and perhaps even Orpah, converted to Judaism, although the rabbis did not agree on when this occurred. There are good reasons to think that the concept of conversion did not exist during the time of Ruth and was only introduced into Judaism around 125 BCE. Until then, the Israelites thought […]

The current observance of Shavuot is not biblical

The current observance of Shavuot has no relationship to its biblical ancestor and doesn’t even occur at the same time.[1] Very few people know the truth about this day. Most Jews think Shavuot recalls the day the Torah was revealed to the Israelites during the days of Moses. This is not true. This significance was given […]

Fascinating non-traditional ideas of Arnold Ehrlich

            The great scholar Arnold Ehrlich (1848-1919) authored Mikra Ki-pheshuto, “The Bible Literally,” in three Hebrew volumes. His ideas are frequently unconventional, but generally very intelligent and thought provoking. The following are some of his ideas on the Noah flood story and the introductory biblical statements about the patriarch Abraham in Genesis 6:9-11:32). How should […]

A Guide for the Perplexed for the Modern Jew

  Jay Harris is the author of the in-depth important and enlightening book “Guiding the Perplexed of the Modern Age.”[1] It is a well-organized study of an important nineteenth-century Jewish scholar and philosopher. Harris is Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies at Harvard University. Nachman Krochmal (1785-1840) lived in Galicia, Austrian Empire, which is now Ukraine. […]

An atheist’s humorous irreverent interpretation of the Bible

Jose Saramago’s (1922-2010) last book Cain is a delightful, frequently funny, heretical, mocking, feverishly anti-God, retelling of the early books of the Hebrew Bible. He is the 1998 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. According to Saramago’s book, no snake spoke to Eve in Eden and persuaded her to eat the forbidden apple; snakes […]

“The Double” is a Masterpiece

                                                                 “The Double” is a wonderful book, one of the best books that I read in a couple of years. I highly recommend it. […]

Adin Steinsaltz saves the honor of Ecclesiastes

The Hebrew volume Chameish Megillot, published by Koren Press,[1] is part of a series of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz’s commentaries on the Bible called Hatanakh HaMevoar. This volume contains commentaries to the five Megillot, “scrolls,” biblical books that are read in synagogues on five holidays; the books of Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), and […]

A famous mystic’s view of ecclesiastes

While scholars such as Rashbam, Abraham ibn Ezra, Maimonides, and others read what the Bible actually states, Nachmanides (1194-1270) read mysticism into the biblical words. According to Rabbi Dr. Charles B. Chavel, he was the first Bible commentator to do so.[1] He also explained the biblical text by claiming that certain events, behaviors, and conversations […]

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