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The mysterious origin of the monthly “sanctification of the moon”

                                      The Mysterious Origin of the Monthly “Sanctification of the Moon”   When a person examines the history of a religious practice, or any practice for that matter, he or she must be careful not to insist […]

A great Israeli writer

Elsewhere, Perhaps By Amos Oz   Amos Oz, born in 1939, is properly regarded by many readers and critics as Israel’s most famous living author. He won numerous international literary prizes, such as the “Peace Prize of the German Book Trade” and “The Israel Prize.” His works have been published in over forty languages in […]

It is now revealed that the Torah teaches preventive medicine

                                                    New revelations about the Torah and preventive medicine   Dr. Michael Lebowitz’s “God’s Preventive Medicine” is a fascinating, eye-opening, and thought-provoking book that reveals never-before-known information about several biblical […]

Words worth thinking about

Some Words of Wisdom   One of our readers sent me three wise thoughts that are worth pondering. I will add a fourth.   Tikkun Olam – The repair of the world: If you see what needs to be repaired and how to repair it, then you have found a piece of the world that […]

Translations of the Hebrew Bible are not correct

  The basic idea of “The Grammar of God” by Aviya Kushner, an interesting and informative book, is that readers of the Hebrew Bible who do not know Hebrew and read only the English translation will generally not know what the Bible is saying. What the Bible states is misrepresented or obscured in the translation, […]

A joke about translating foreign words into English

As seen below translation is a problem throughout the world.   Wonderful English from Around the World … In a Bangkok Temple: IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ENTER A WOMAN, EVEN A FOREIGNER, IF DRESSED AS A MAN.  Cocktail Lounge, Norway: LADIES ARE REQUESTED NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN IN THE BAR. Doctor’s Office, Rome: SPECIALIST IN WOMEN […]

A Great Orthodox Rabbi Offered a Huge Unorthodox Idea

Rashbam (1085) was the grandson of the famed Bible and Talmud commentators Rashi (1040-1105) and brother to the famed Rabbeinu Tam (1100-1171). Rashbam’s commentary to the Torah is very rational, so much so that the far right modern volume ArtScroll deletes some of his comments. The following is a chapter from my latest book, “Mysteries […]

American support of Israel in photos since 1840

  I learnt much from this book.   American Interest in the Holy Land Revealed in Early Photographs from 1840 to 1940 By Lenny Ben-David   Even people like me who are familiar with the history of the State of Israel and the relationships between Israel and the United States will enjoy reading this book, […]

There Are Not 613 Biblical Commands

When sacrifices were discontinued, the rabbis developed a new idea about Shavuot. They said the holiday commemorates the giving of the Torah. Soon, many Jews began to believe that the Torah contains 613 commandments. What is the origin of this view and is it correct? The following is chapter 23 from my book “Mysteries of […]

A Joke

One of our readers sent this joke:   The medical community is unable to reach consensus on what to do with America’s health insurance situation. – The Allergists were in favor of scratching it, but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves. – The Gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it, […]

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